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We’re entering a golden age as the model tramway hobby continues to grow and develop. Exploiting new technology and modelling methods and combining them with traditional approaches is a particular hallmark of the model tramway fraternity. The Kitchen Kits and Matt Summers Trams ranges of models encapsulate this combination of the modern and the traditional.

We (John and Matt) have been in discussion for a few months about unlocking the range of possibilities our particular skills, experience and production methods could provide for the hobby as a whole. A commitment to accuracy, quality and accessibility for both new modellers and experts alike was common ground, as was a desire to transform hobbyist expectations. As part of our quest to advancing the state of the art we have therefore decided to formally join forces, combining the existing Kitchen Kits and Matt Summers Trams ranges and relaunching them along with a swathe of exciting new projects. With such a momentous decision, we thought it would be nice to retire Kitchen Kits and Matt Summers Trams. This meant we needed something new.

So today we proudly launch our new brand:

Our ethos is quite clear – a commitment to quality and accuracy. All CMT kits will be ‘complete in a box’ containing a body, detailing parts, complete interior, mechframe and decals. We’ve been working very closely with Paul Coles at KW Trams, Andy Burrows of Tramads and Mark Hughes to ensure that the white metal, decals and etched brass that we have in our kits are from the best in the business. We’ll be offering some of our range as Ready-to-Run for those who want to get trams on the rails straight away. Everything in the CMT range will be exclusively available from ELMTS at www.themodeltramshop.com

What’s in store for 2018?

Lots! We’ll be incredibly busy this coming year so prepare yourselves. Some of you will already have seen the first prototypes of the brand new CMT kits – the Blackpool Pantographs, Liverpool 757 and the San Francisco ex-Milan Peter Witt. These will be ready to go over the winter, along with a relaunch of the Blackpool Glasshouse, Yankee, Marton Box and Electric Loco. There will be redone masters for the cast resin bodied kits using 3D printing to do them so expect a return of John’s Blackpool offerings including Twin Cars, Box 40 and the Centenaries amongst others. And for fans of Liverpool Corporation Tramways – we’ll be releasing kits of the ‘Marks’ and ‘Cabin’ double deckers in the Spring. Summer will see the release of the Blackpool Western Train at Totally Models 2018, with the Frigate not long after. Longer term is yet to be firmed up, but we can exclusively reveal that our mentor Alan Kirkman’s 70th Birthday will be celebrated by us with the release of something Birmingham in the autumn in his honour. And there’ll be more released throughout the year (likely from when John has a brainwave or Matt suddenly sees something he needs in model form!).

There’ll be a new website going live in the next few weeks – www.corporationmodeltrams.co.uk which will be the showcase for our models and, of course, we’ll continue to post on the usual Facebook groups.

Exciting times ahead indeed.

John Whitehouse & Matt Summers

Welcome to ELMTS!
We have over 20 years experience of tramway modelling. Based in Burnley, Lancashire, we aim to provide a one stop shop for all your tramway modelling needs.

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