N Scale

At a scale of 2mm to 1ft, or 1:148, N Scale is a small scale that is very popular due to the ability to cram a lot of layout into a very small space. Despite it having been a popular railway modelling scale for many years, tram modelling in N has only recently begun to see a surge in interest due to advances in 3D printing technology now being able to produce trams that replicate detail at a level similar to that found in OO. With a substantial array of accessories and scenery available from the model railway world, tram modelling in N scale offers the ability to have a tramway layout (or an addition to a model railway) in the smallest of spaces.

It must be market day in Fleetwood! Trams by John Whitehouse visit Matt Summers’ Fleetwood Layout in N scale.

Whether you are modelling a tramway focused layout, or adding a tramway to your model railway, we offer a wide range of N scale tram kits and tram focused accessories such as overhead and scenic items. Click on the links below to browse.

N Scale Transfers

N Scale Overhead

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