OO Scale Motor Units

To get your trams moving you’ll need a motor unit. Here is the catalogue of the motorising options we offer for OO scale. We’re more than happy to help if you are unsure what you need for your particular tram, just drop us a line via email, on our Facebook page, or pick up the phone.

These Halling drives and our own 3d printed drives are also available as a special order in HOe (9mm) and HOm (12mm) track gauges. Please make sure you inform us if you require theses gauges. The price remains the same as the OO/HO version.

To purchase please see our sister site. https://themodeltramshop.sumup.link/category/mechanisms

Halling vario 4w drive

The Vario is a 4 wheel motor mechanism that has an adjustable wheelbase of 23 mm, 26 mm or 30.4 mm.

Price: £ 59.00

We normally stock the solid wheel unit but can order one with spoked wheels if you require. Please let us know when you order.

Halling ksw 4 wheel drive

The KSW is 4 wheel motor mechanism that has a longer wheelbase than the Vario at 35 mm.

£59 Click to purchase https://themodeltramshop.sumup.link/product/halling-ksw-mechanism

Available in 37mm wheelbase as a special order.


Motorising kit for CMT 3d printed floors.
Generic kit consists two geared Halling bogies, motor, drive tube and wiring. Does not include bogie mounts or motor mount.

Price: £70.00
generic Halling bogie MOTORISING KIT

Kit consists two geared Halling bogies, bogie mounts, motor, drive tube and wiring. Does not include motor mount.

Price: £70.00
Halling C1 bogies and chassis

Consists of a Mabuchi motor, bogies and chassis.

Price: £85.00
Halling C1 Trailer

Trailer version of the C1.
NOTE – this is unpowered

Price: £
Halling E1 Articulated tram chassis

Consists of 2 Mabuchi motors, bogies and chassis.

Price: £
complete motorised chassis

We offer a range of our own motorised chassis

  • 3d printed frame
  • Halling bogies, gears etc
  • Qulity motor
  • Tube or shaft drive (depending on the unit)
  • All wheel drive (except HT1)
  • Easily converted to DCC
  • Supplied wired for 2 rail

Please look in our catalogue or contact us for options and prices.



Designed for diecast Feltham (end door version)

RTR £95.00 KIT £75.00


For short bogie cars such as London E1, Blackpool Standard etc.

Note, single bogie drive. the trailing bogie is pickup equipped but some bodies require this removing to improve traction.

RTR £85.00 KIT £80.00 https://themodeltramshop.sumup.link/product/halling-type-ht1-mechanism


Designed for the centre entrance Feltham

RTR £95.00 KIT £85.00


Designed for the Diecast Blackpool models, will also fit any of the centre entrance Streamliners and can be adapted to fit a boat. This unit comes with cast seats.

RTR £95.00 KIT £85.00

Other items from the Halling range

Other wheelbases and mechanisms
available, please enquire or refer to Halling
website (https://shop.ferro-train.com/hallingShop/).

Price: £POA