OO Scale Transfers

HMRS Pressfix Lining – we cannot currently obtain these from HMRS. We will do our best to get them back into stock when we can.

Used for lining panels and bodywork. Pressfix is easy to work with and gives great results. We stock six colours and are priced at £5.90 each:

  • Gold
  • Green
  • Yellow
  • Red
  • Black
  • White

Crests, Legal Lettering and Destinations

These are waterslide transfers designed to finish off your model with appropriate owners crest, legal lettering and destinations. (see section below for Blackpool items):

Aberdeen crests, fleet names, destinations & adverts

Gateshead 5 livery (body sides and adverts)

Glasgow crests, fleet names, destinations & adverts

Leeds crests with 2 sets legal lettering

Liverpool ‘Marks era’ pre-war arched lettering and crests on a green background

Liverpool 245

Manchester Parcels Car

Sheffield 74

Stockport crests and destinations

Stockport 5 adverts (current preserved condition)

Please enquire for current availability


Please enquire for current availability

£2.50 pair

Last Few Available






Blackpool Crests, Liveries, Adverts and All-over Advertising Liveries

Crests and Liveries

Green Round Crest printed on clear
for placing on cream livery panels (set of 4) £2.00

Green Round Crest printed on white
for placing on green livery panels (set of 4) £2.00

Red Round Crest (set of 4) £2.00

Blackpool Transport Tower and Waves
(set of 4) £3.00

Rebuilt Marton Box 31 Livery Transfer Set £5.00

Standard 147 Livery Transfer Set £3.50

‘Balcony Standard’ Livery Transfer Set £3.50

Blackpool Electric Loco Red Side
Livery Transfer Set £3.50

4w Open Top Marton Box Dark
Green Livery Transfer Set £5.00

Blackpool and Fleetwood Electric
Tramroad Box 40 Livery Transfer Set £5.00

balloon adverts – self adhesive (2 per pack)

Blackpool Hypermarket/ Coral Social Clubs

Comedy Express/ Viva Connections

CIS/ Fleetwood Pier

Milady Toffee/ Blackpool Zoo

Empire Pools/ Milady Toffee

North Pier Shows/ Harry Worth

Skipton Saving Schemes

Maggie Mays – T side

Louis Tussauds – T side












roof box adverts – contains 4 panels and ends

Romika/ Slalom Lager

Radio Rentals/ Pleasure Flights

Premium Bonds

Revolution/ Jenks Bar

Selixine Paints/ Rumbelows

Embassy/ Coop

Premium Bonds/ Join the Lamb’s Navy

Players No.6

Leather & Suede Centre


Bond Hotel/ Toyland

Hounds Hill/ Willys

Blackpool Zoo

Lytham Road Market















All-over Advert Liveries

Over the years Blackpool Transport hired out their fleet as large travelling billboards, displaying various advertisements for local and national businesses. ELMTS have acquired the rights to use the artwork to make them available again, with each one faithfully recreated from the original Blackpool Transport Marketing Department designs or from our good friend Micky Bates, a former real-life sign writer who now applies his skills to recreating adverts in miniature. As part of this deal of having the rights to the advert catalogue a donation from the sale of these products will be made to Blackpool Heritage Tram Tours.

Adverts are printed on clear transfer paper designed to cover a white body shell (except where stated). NOTE: these are an aid to creating the advert, comprising the main part of the graphics. Additional painting will still be required to complete the model. There may be some minor differences in the artwork to the originals as we have used the original marketing dept drawings as the basis for the adverts rather than those completed by the sign writer on the tram. However, they represent a superb representation of the advert.

We have the artwork for a great number of adverts and we plan to add these to the range gradually as they need some work before release. Micky also plans to recreate new adverts when he has free time available. We have listed both those currently available and those we hold the artwork for and plan to release in the future. Please enquire if you would like an advert recreating, or a future planned release accelerating, as we may be able to meet your request.

Currently Available All-over Advert Liveries
OMO Cars

Bispham and Cleveleys Kitchens – 10
The only OMO car to gain an all over advert livery, number 10 carried this design for Bispham and Cleveleys Kitchens from the mid 1980s until its withdrawal from service in 1993.
Price: £10.00

open boats

Travel Card – 607
The last of the production Open Boats to gain a colourful livery combination, 607 had adverts for travel card added to its green and yellow scheme.
Price: £10.00

Brush Railcoaches

Hot Ice ’86
621’s Hot Ice advert from 1985 was updated for the 1986 season, continuing its claim to fame as the first blue tram to be on the Promenade since Lytham’s trams disappeared in 1937.
Price: £10.00

Hot Ice ’87
By now an annual update, 621’s Hot Ice advert was updated for the 1987 season.
Price: £10.00

Carried by 621, this striking combination of dark and bright colours was certainly eye catching.
Price: £10.00

Deans Restaurant, The Tavern and Sequins
A predominantly grey livery shared by three entertainment venues in Blackpool and worn by Brush Railcoach 623.
Price: £10.00

Belles Cuisine
Brush Railcoach 626 carried this “coffee and cream” livery for a North West kitchen supplier in 1984 and 1985.
Price: £10.00

Mighty White
626 gained an unsurprisingly predominantly white livery to advertise Mighty White bread in 1986. It would carry it until 1992.
Price: £10.00

Post Office Tram – 627
627 was the world’s first Post Office Tram with a combination of fleet livery and advert panels. 633’s all over red and yellow advert would replace it in 1982.
Price: £10.00

Karting 2000
Modernised Brush 630 was painted into this yellow advert for Karting 2000 in 1998.
Price: £10.00

Wilson’s Brewery
632 carried this livery that appeared at first glance to be black and white but was, in fact, the very dark green and white colours of the Wilson’s Brewery in 1985.
Price: £10.00

Joseph – 632
As technicolour as his dreamcoat, 632 was advertising the musical Joseph in this livery.
Price: £10.00

O’Neills Irish Pub
A bright red and yellow advert worn by Brush Railcoach 632.
Price: £10.00

After its spell as the ‘Post Office Tram’, 633 was repainted into this livery and ran in it during Centenary year.
Price: £10.00

Palace Nightclub
637 was advertising the refurbished Palace Nightclub, which at the time was one of Blackpool’s nighttime hotspots.
Price: £10.00

Cocos Adventure Playcentre
Brush Railcoach 637 was selected to carry this bright advertisement for the Blackpool attraction “Cocos Adventure Playcentre” near the Coliseum Coach Station.
Price: £10.00

ex-towing Railcoaches

Ex-Towing car 678 carried this all-over advertisement for this national car trading magazine.
Price: £10.00

Dillons Bookstore
Dillons was a bookshop that traded up until 1999. At one time this fetching blue advert was carried on ex-Towing Car 680.
Price: £10.00


Having carried advertising panels for Pricebusters whilst in fleet livery, 641 was repainted in this complex and bright all over advert for the discount store.
Price: £10.00

Travel Card – 642
With both ends remaining in fleet livery, 642’s sides were painted bright yellow to advertise Blackpool Transport’s Travel Card.
Price: £10.00

Funny Girls
Complete with lipstick kisses and fabulous eyelashes, 642 carried this livery for Blackpool landmark Funny Girls.
Price: £10.00

Welcome Break
Motorway service stations were the unusual focus of this simple but effective advert on 643.
Price: £10.00

RAF Careers
Different on either side, bright colours on both, 643 was recruiting for the Royal Air Force in this livery.
Price: £10.00

Bispham and Cleveleys Kitchens – 644 (1st Version)
644 took on OMO 10’s mantle of advertising for Bispham and Cleveleys Kitchens when number 10 was withdrawn. This is the first of the two versions it carried in the 1990s.
Price: £10.00

Bispham and Cleveleys Kitchens – 644 (2nd Version)
As with the rest of the Centenaries, 644 had a face lift that simplified its dashes. It remained advertising Bispham and Cleveleys Kitchens but received an updated advert. This is the second of the versions it carried.
Price: £10.00

Joseph – 645
645’s first all over advert in 1993 was this fabulously technicolour scheme for the musical Joseph.
Price: £10.00

Opera House Summer Shows – Joe Longthorne, Cannon & Ball
A line up of established and future stars playing at the Blackpool Opera House in 1994 were the subject of this advert livery for 645.
Price: £10.00

Mecca Bingo – 645
After more short lived advert liveries, 645 carried this predominantly red livery for Mecca Bingo over 4 years from 1995-1999.
Price: £10.00

42nd Street
One of the first Centenary all over adverts, 647 acquired this livery for the 42nd Street musical in 1990.
Price: £10.00

Buddy The Musical
The musical theme continued for 647 in 1992 when it received its second advert, this time for Buddy.
Price: £10.00

Opera House Summer Shows – Joe Longthorne, Cannon & Ball
The 1993 summer season at the Blackpool Opera House saw Joe Longthorne and Cannon & Ball amongst the stars appearing according to this advert on 647.
Price: £10.00

Warburton’s Whole White Bread
It’s 1997 and 647 is brightly advertising Warburton’s Whole White bread with the application of contravision on saloon windows increasing the available area for advertising.
Price: £10.00

Fleetwood Market
A fleet livery green base it may be, but 648’s advert for Fleetwood Market still stood out in a line of trams.
Price: £10.00


Coral Social Clubs
Controversial at the time, the unique open topped double deck Balloon car 706 “Princess Alice” lost its fleet livery in favour of this bright design for Coral Social Clubs.
Price: £10.00

Gala Bingo
For a short time, the unique open topped double deck Balloon car 706 “Princess Alice” carried an all over advertisement for the local branch of national chain Gala Bingo.
Price: £10.00

Hounds Hill Shopping Centre
The Hounds Hill Shopping Centre is located behind the tower in the middle of Blackpool. Widened “B-Fleet” Balloon 713 carries this predominantly pink and purple livery for the retail centre.
Price: £15.00


A factory designer clothing store, Cresta were based in Cleveleys and advertised using this bright yellow livery on 761.
Price: £10.00

Isle of Man
Minimal colour palette but maximum artistic photography, this Isle of Man advert used every available space on 761’s sides to convey their message to the public.
Price: £10.00

Wynsors World of Shoes
Overhauled 761 carried this bright orange and contravision design for Wynsors World of Shoes until it was withdrawn from service at the end of the traditional tramway operation.
Price: £10.00

The purple and apple white advert for the Unison union was carried before 762s last overhaul and minor rebuild at Blackpool.
Price: £10.00

Nickelodeon Land
762’s final livery in Blackpool and the one it carries in preservation at Crich is this complex purple and cartoon based advert for Nickelodeon Land.
Price: £10.00

All-over Advert Liveries Due for Future Release

Please enquire if you want one of these adverts.
They will be priced at £10.00 per car.

brush railcoaches
ex-towing railcoaches