Majestic kits (formerly Tramalan)00 whitemetal

These are not currently available from us, so need to be order directly from

David Duncan

Majestic Trams

4 Berrywell walk



AB21 7BT Cheque to David Duncan

Currently available: Hong Kong 1950s Standard, Liverpool Baby Grand, Leeds Lance Corporal, Glasgow Cunarder, Glasgow Sand and Sett, Leeds Railcoach, Rotherham Single Ended, Glasgow 1089, LCC/LT Wheel carrier, Leeds Middleton Bogie, Blackburn Milnes Bogie, Glasgow Kilmarnock Bogie, Demi Car, Glasgow Duntocher single deck, Eades Reversible Horse Tram, J G Brill Snowbroom, Leicester Water Car, Leeds Snow Broom, Glasgow School car 1017, Glasgow 1100, Liverpool Altona and trailer