As mainland Britain’s only tram system that has never been abandoned, Blackpool can boast continuous tramway operations stretching back to 1885. Unsurprisingly, the popularity and enduring nature of the system means there is a substantial array of kits available for N scale Blackpool Corporation and Blackpool & Fleetwood Tramroad tramcars. Blackpool was also renown for significant ‘tweaking’ and rebuilding of its cars over often very long lifetimes which means that some classes of tram have a number of individual variations. CMT pride themselves on producing most of these specific variants of each tram class they produce so for many of the catalogue entries you will find many different specific options available.

Because of the large catalogue, our Blackpool kits are split by time period that the class entered service to assist in browsing:

  • 1885-1932 – the pre-streamliner period
  • 1933-1950 – the streamliners and Marton Vambacs
  • 1950-2011 – the EE rebuild classes and Centenaries
  • 2011-present – the current heritage tram operation

Blackpool Heritage Tram Tours